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Collection Management

Collection Management is the process of organizing, preserving, managing, and making available items in a library or museum collection. It involves the careful selection of items to be included in the collection, the organization of the items to make them easily accessible, and the preservation of the items to ensure their long-term availability. Collection Management also includes the development of policies and procedures for the management of the collection, the development of marketing and promotional strategies, and the assessment of the collection in terms of its relevance to the library or museum’s mission. Collection Management requires the use of both traditional and digital library resources to ensure the collection’s success. For example, a library may use an integrated library system to manage its collection, while a museum may use digital asset management tools to manage its collections. Additionally, both libraries and museums may use conservation techniques to ensure the longevity of items in the collection. Collection Management also involves the evaluation of the collection’s impact on the overall organization and the public, as well as the evaluation of the collection’s resources and services. By assessing the collection and its resources, library and museum professionals can ensure the collection is meeting the needs of its users.